The Platform

The Platform

Our Operations Management System (OMS) gives you the tools you need to manage flights, aircraft, crews, maintenance, and schedules in real-time.

The Platform

Many Tasks, One Solution

The OMS client interface gives users a single resource to manage tasks and responsibilities across several departments. It seamlessly integrates aircraft routing, crew scheduling and movement, maintenance, and resource management in one visual dashboard.

Even better, it is built to work for your needs – fully customizable and functioning alongside the software and decision criteria you already use. It truly is the all-in-one efficiency and effectiveness solution every air carrier needs.

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  • Flight Schedule & Movement
  • Aircraft Routing
  • Maintenance
  • The Crew

OMS Key Features

Visual Planning Tools

See what’s happening within your area or company with data updated in real time.

Plan for Anything

Turn “what if” weather and crew scenarios into real plans and schedules in an instant.

Stronger Collaboration

Bring various departments together with sharing, messaging, and delegation.


The Industry Leader With 30+ Years of Airline Experience

At SSI we know the air carrier industry like few others. In more than three decades of experience integrating our software with aviation leaders, we’ve learned that they all want the same thing: to move people and packages from one place to another as safely and efficiently as possible.

While those goals might be consistent from one company to the next, each air carrier has its own approach to the task. That is why we work with our customers to understand their philosophies and methodologies, teaming with their executives and operations personnel to make our products suit their needs.

When we combine our innovative software with the knowledge and expertise that our customers have in place, efficiency climbs to new heights. Our products are cutting-edge and dependable. But more than that, they are built to serve the air carriers who work with us.

Collaboration at Every Level

System Integration
Our platform is not valuable unless it works for you. Air carriers are the best source of knowledge when it comes to their own needs, so our mission always begins with an understanding of the existing infrastructure. We won’t install OMS until we know exactly how it can help your team.
Business Rule Adaptation
Each air carrier we work with has its own set of business rules and priorities that come into effect under various operational conditions. We configure OMS to work within those demands, so that the efficiencies that result are consistent with your company’s goals and methodology.
User Interface Adaptation
OMS allows you to combine large amounts of data, collected from many different sources, into a single dashboard that can be viewed and understood in real time. We ensure your team sees the right information to make decisions that are positive, holistic, and impactful.

SSI Software Is Customized, Tested, and Dependable

There is no margin for error in the aviation industry. For that reason, we employ an incremental approach to the design, customization, installation, and verification of our software system components. The goal is always to overcome challenges rapidly and ensure successful deployment.

Since our inception, we have been the leaders in creating client/server-based graphical applications. Our platform takes advantage of powerful user interface (UI) and graphical representational tools. That combined architecture yields tremendous advantages, allowing for massive scalability and upgrade potential.

Even more important than the tools we use, however, is the mindset with which we operate. The highly technical challenges we face require us to relentlessly test and innovate. Even now we are continually testing our products – and our assumptions – while searching for new ways to serve air carriers.

Case Studies

Want to know how other air carriers have used the SSI OMS to become more efficient?

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The Platform
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