What Executives and Operations Managers Need to Know About Our OMS Platform
What Executives and Operations Managers Need to Know About Our OMS Platform
What Executives and Operations Managers Need to Know About Our OMS Platform

What Executives and Operations Managers Need to Know About Our OMS Platform

It’s easy for us to prove the Scheduling Systems, Inc. Operations Management System (OMS) improves efficiency for our customers. Not only do the results that have been delivered for air carriers around the world speak for themselves, but it is also a tool that operations managers ask for by name.

In fact, one of our largest ongoing contracts originated from a request made by an operations team. After one airline was acquired by another, those who had used our software in the past requested access to it again. Finally, their new management team bought OMS into the combined carrier.

Because this chain of events has played out more than once in our business, we thought it might be useful to give a management-focused overview of our OMS system. If your team is asking you to contact SSI then you might be wondering why. Below are a few things you should know…


Our Software Is All About Efficiency

At its heart, OMS is all about making it easier to move people, aircraft, and payloads from one point to another. That’s because it allows you to take hundreds of data points into consideration at the same time through one graphical and intuitive interface. It can help you see your schedule and make real-time adjustments for weather, crew availability, aircraft maintenance, and other factors. Better data can save critical time before, during, and after an unexpected setback.


OMS Can Be Customized to Your Needs

No two air carriers are the same. For that reason, every OMS setup and configuration is different. Not only can we set it up to adhere to your business rules and priorities, but we can also customize your dashboards, reporting, and communications preferences. In other words, it will prioritize the data you need most to keep operations running as smoothly as possible.


Our System Lets You Track Movement and Messages

In the fast-paced world of aviation, you not only need to know which decisions are being made, but also who has made them or added approvals. In addition to customizing permissions settings, we make it possible to track notes, changes, and responsibilities through each iteration of your published schedule. In an industry where accountability and regulation are paramount, our platform keeps track of all the relevant data you could need.


SSI Tools Can Be Deployed Almost Anywhere

Often, executives worry that installing our platform will lead to disruptions in operations or steep learning curves for employees. However, our system is designed to be user-friendly and is put through rigorous testing. Also, it can be used with virtually any operating system or proprietary software package. Our software will not ever get in the way of your existing tools or procedures.


Interested in Learning More About Our Software?


If you or your operations team is interested in gaining more efficiency and control then we can help. Contact SSI today to schedule a demo so you can see for yourself how our products can make your operations more reliable and efficient.